What time is my operation?

You will be called to the operating theatre according to the order of patients on your surgeons operating list. Unexpected delays due to emergency situations are not uncommon in an operating theatre environment. So it is always best to be prepared to go to the operating theatre at any time on the scheduled day of your operation.

How long will I be in the operating theatre?

Under normal circumstances, you will stay in the operating theatre for the whole duration of your operation and for a further for 30 – 45 minutes after your surgery. This also depends on the type of operation you are undergoing. Your anaesthetist will discharge you to the ward once he or she is happy with your recovery.

How long will I be anaesthetied?

You will be anaesthetised for the duration of your surgery.

Can I have home leave after my pre-anaesthetic assessment?

You may be allowed home leave at the discretion of your surgical team & your anaesthetist. Upon receiving permission for home leave you must inform the nurse in charge of your ward & adhere to the rules of this privilege to avoid delays on the day of your surgery.

Why has my operation been postponed?

There may be numerous reasons why your elective operation has been postponed. Some of the reasons for postponement are as follows:

• You may not be fit for surgery on your day of operation. For example your blood pressure may be too high or your red blood cells may be too low or you have a cough & cold.

• You may have a rare blood group and blood products may not be available.

• Non availability of a SICU bed for major operations requiring intensive postoperative care.

Your surgeons will arrange to have your elective operation rescheduled. Please discuss this matter with them.

When can I eat and drink after my operation?

If you had a general anaesthetic you are normally allowed to have clear fluids 2 hours after you are fully awake. For regional anaesthesia such as spinal anaesthetic you are allowed clear fluids on return to the ward. However, all this is subject to change depending on what type of operation you had. Please discuss this with your surgeon & anaesthetist.

Can I request for female only theatre staff?

Please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate your request, as we cannot guarantee there will be enough single sex staff in your operating theatre.

Questions such as: ‘Why do I need this operation?’ or ‘How big will my incision be?’ or ‘When can I go home after the operation?’are questions that should be answered by your surgeons as they are the doctors who perform your operation.