About Us

Our Motto

Vigilance, Safety and Excellence

Our Constitution

Our Constitution can be downloaded here

Executive Committee

The 2nd Executive Committee was elected at the fourth Annual General Meeting held on 23rd June 2012 for a tenure of 3 years

Second Executive committee

Second Executive committee


Clockwise : Dr Vishwanathan, Dr Nair, Dr Ganapathi, Dr Raman, Dr Lim, Dr Shah, Dr Hj Zulaidi, Dr Sasikala.


Office Bearers

  1. President – Dr Hj Zulaidi
  2. Vice President – Dr Lim
  3. Treasurer – Dr Shah
  4. Secretary – Dr Raman
  5. Members
  • Dr Nair
  • Dr Sasikala
  • Dr Ganapathi
  • Dr Anand
  • Dr Vishwanathan