Back to the ward:

The surgeons or anaesthetist will give instructions as to how long you have to continue to be fasted.

High Dependency Unit (HDU) / Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU):

After some major operations, you may be taken to SICU directly from OT. This is to allow closer monitoring to help you recover well from your operation. If this is planned, this will be discussed with you before hand. However unexpected circumstances may arise which require you to go to HDU for intensive post-operative care.

Do’s & Don’ts after anaesthesia

Do leave the healthcare facility accompanied by a responsible adult

Do remain quietly at home for the day & rest

Do arrange for someone to care for your small children for the day

Do take liquids first and slowly progress to a light meal

X Do call your anaesthetist, your physician, or the facility where you were treated in if you have any questions.

X Don’t take any mediations unless prescribed by or discussed with your physician

X Don’t drive a car / vehicle for at least 24 hours

X Don’t operate complex equipment for at least 24 hours

X Don’t make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for the day

X Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours