Date Topic Speaker
26 June 2010 Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia Dr Kaul
19 June 2010 ATLS update Dr Lim
12 June 2010 Life threatening Asthma in Anaesthesia Dr Mary
5 June 2010 Workshop topics Dr Durai & Team
8 May 2010 Discussion: Critical Incident Dr Khin
24 Apr 2010 Propofol in Obstetrics Dr Haroon
17 Apr 2010 Conference Update Dr Nair
3 Apr 2010 Discussion: Critical Incidents Dr Nazir      Dr Binu
27 Mar 2010 Anesthetic Management of Downs Syndrome with Atlanto-Axial
Instability in MRI suite
Dr Anand
13 Feb 2010 Audit: Pre-Anesthetic Assessment Dr Augustus
30 Jan 2010 Anesthesia for retrosternal Goitre Dr Abin
28 Jan 2010 Pain Management-Getting to know Cox-2 Dr Kamalnathan Kodiappan
7 Jan 2010 A practical approach to airway management Dr Wardina
5 Dec 2009 USG guided Nerve Blocks-Video presentation Dr Ganapathi
21 Nov 2009 A review of IV fluids Management using Stewarts concept Dr Binu
19 Nov 2009 Etomidate-Lipuro and Propofol-Lipuro Ms Chin Lay Khoon
18 Nov 2009 Arixtra and regional Anaesthesia Dr Sivabalan
31 Oct 2009 Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation, Transfusion protocol, Intraoperative
management of Scoliosis patients
Dr Vinod
10 Oct 2009 Malignant Hyperthermia Dr Satry
3 Oct 2009 Critical Incident: Can’t Ventilate, Can’t
Intubate in a post tonsillectomy bleed
Dr Shah