Many minor operations these days are carried out as day case. This means you will come into hospital on the day of your operation, often only for a short time before it is due to start. You will be seen by your anaesthetist on the day of admission in the ward.

Please bring all your medications & all medication cards with you. Take all your normal drugs on the day of operation (unless instructed otherwise). It is acceptable to take a sip of water to help swallow tablets down. The hospital staff will inform you when to stop eating and drinking before the operation (6 hours before your operation). Be sure to follow these instruction or you run the risk of your operation being cancelled / postponed.

Most day care surgeries are minor. After these procedures, you may or may not require painkillers. If required, you will be given a prescription and you should take these tablets home with you.

Feeling sick and having moderate to severe pain after day care surgeries are not uncommon. In such instances you need to contact the hospital and your doctor will advise you accordingly.

Remember the following do’s & don’t after your day care surgery:

Do be prepared for overnight admission

Do leave the healthcare facility accompanied by a responsible adult

Do remain quietly at home for the day & rest

Do arrange for someone to care for your small children for the day

Do take liquids first and slowly progress to a light meal

Do call your anaesthetist, your physician, or the facility where you were treated in if you have any questions

X Don’t expect to feel normal straight away

X Don’t take any mediations unless prescribed by or discussed with your physician

X Don’t plan anything important for the evening after your day care operation

X Do not drive and do not operate heavy machinery after any anaesthetic procedure for at least 24 hours

X Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours

X Don’t make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for the day.