There are some things you can do to prepare yourself for your operation:

1- If you smoke:

Smoking reduces the oxygen in your blood and increases the sensitivity of your lungs. Consider giving up smoking 8 weeks before your operation. This reduces the risk of breathing problems and makes your anaesthetic safer. The longer you can give up beforehand, the better.

2- If you are overweight:

Reducing your weight will reduce many risks of having anaesthesia as well as making surgery easier and safer.

3- If you have loose teeth or crowns:

You may want to visit your dentist for treatment. This may reduce the risk of damage to your teeth during the anaesthesia.

4- If you have a longstanding medical problem:

Such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or heart problems. You should discuss with your regular doctor if you need a check-up. Your health should be at your best at the time of surgery.